Founded in October 1894. Has had several meeting places- a store front on Walnut Street, a meeting room on Foster Street, and it's current home at 58 Lowell Street. Purchased the building at 58 Lowell St. approx. 78 years ago. The building was the former St. Pauls Episcopal Church.



Current membership is around 400 members of the Mens division, Ladies division and associate members. Membership wise, we are the 13th largest division in the country. To be a full voting member, you must be of Irish descent and a practicing Catholic. Anyone else is welcome as an associate member of the organization. Dues of $40.00 per year is assessed by the National AOH, State and County Boards to promote their causes of concern and help preserve the Irish heritage.

Our local division is involved with many local sports and civic organizations.

         Sponsor of a Little League Team

         Sponsor of a Babe Ruth Baseball Team

         Sponsor of 3 Dart Teams

         Sponsor of a Softball Team

         Sponsor of a Basketball Team

         Sponsor annual "Hibernian 5K Road Race"

         Provide a home for the Girl Scouts to meet

         Sponsor of a Boy Scout / Cub Scout Troop

         Free line dancing every first Friday of the month

         Charity raffle every first Friday of the month

         Monthly dinner dances- 3rd Saturday of the month

         Involved in several fundraising events for different causes

         (This year alone raised over $15,000)

         Active involvement with the yearly Pride in Peabody Campaign

         Provide entertainment for the Tanner City Common Concerts

         Active involvement with Peabody's International Festival for 13+ years

         Has established a scholarship in memory of deceased member Tim Actis

Several Political figures of the North Shore are members of the A.O.H

         Fred Berry - State Senator

         John Slattery - State Representative

         Bill Toomey - Former President of Peabody City Council

         Fred Murtagh - Peabody City Councilor

         Bob Maguire - Peabody City Councilor

         Bob Driscoll - Ward Councilor

         Ed Quinn - Former Ward Councilor

         Dave Gravel - Peabody School Committee

         Dave McGeney - Peabody School Committee



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